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Our stunning 18 hole course was originally designed by famous course architect James Braid whose other designs include Gleneagles, Carnoustie and St Enodoc. Regarded as one of Devon’s finest parkland courses, the tree-lined fairways demand accuracy from the tee whilst the smooth greens reward the skilled putter.

Golfers are eased into their round with a relatively straightforward 500 yard par 5, whilst the par 3 4th hole always offers the chance of a “two” at just 118 yards. A tough middle section of holes 6-11 often makes or breaks a round at Tiverton,  but birdies are possible on the closing few holes.

The course offers panoramic views of the Devon countryside from several spots, with the 3rd hole running alongside the Grand Western Canal. Getting out on to the course is never a problem with both the 1st and 10th tees easily accessible from the Clubhouse. 

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Hole 1

Pro's Tip

On the 1st tee at Tiverton you will be looking at one of the most iconic opening tee shots in Devon. Whilst there is a reasonable amount of room for the drive, it is important to get off to a good start by finding the fairway – particularly for the big hitters trying to get home in two.

The fairway slopes towards the fairway bunkers on the right, so aim your drive up the left centre of the hole. The two-tier green slopes from front to back and is protected by bunkers right and left.

Hole 5

Pro's Tip

This is another good birdie chance as a long drive will get close to the green. However I would recommend taking a club that will travel 200-220 yards from the tee leaving a simple pitch on to the green. It is quite possible to drive through the fairway into the right-hand trees which leaves the player with very few options due to the greenside bunker.

The green slopes from right to left so I would advise golfers to try and leave their ball below the hole to give themselves a good look at birdie putting up the slope. Always be wary of a front right pin position.

Hole 6

Pro's Tip

This hole is a near 90° dog-leg to the right. Longer hitters can try to cut the corner but must be careful not to run through the fairway into the trees on the far side. A sensible tee shot would be 200-220 yards to the outside corner of the dog-leg to open up the hole. The worst tee shot is short right as this will result in a pitch out sideways.

The right greenside bunker should be avoided as the green slopes away from the bunker making a “sandy” par quite unlikely.

Hole 7

Pro's Tip

This is a dog-leg left up a hill with the fairway sloping left to right. This results in most tee shots finishing in the right-hand trees which will prevent the golfer hitting the green in regulation. Unless you consistently draw the ball I would strongly recommend leaving the driver in the bag on this hole. The perfect tee shot would be a fairway wood or hybrid club with some right-to-left curvature.

Miss your approach to the right and you will be well below the level of the green. The best place to miss is short as just left of the green are some humps which are tricky to negotiate.

Hole 8

Pro's Tip

This is a left-to-right dog-leg and for the third hole in a row the golfer faces a difficult tee shot. If opting for the driver it must curve with the shape of the hole otherwise the slope of the fairway will take your ball into the left-hand trees.
A right-handed golfer will have the ball above their feet for their second shot, which will often cause the ball to curve left towards the bunker or down the slope. Don’t bail out right though as another bunker and a narrow ditch await your ball.

Hole 9

Pro's Tip

Tiverton’s longest par 3 measures only 165 yards but plays much longer because it is played uphill in front of the clubhouse and against the prevailing wind. From the Pro Shop we often see golfers come up well short of this green. Don’t be afraid to hit a hybrid or even a fairway wood on this hole.

The green has two tiers and is guarded by bunkers on both sides. A front pin is quite accessible and can yield a two if you select the right club. The path running from the Pro Shop behind the green is out of bounds. Par is a very good score here.

Hole 10

Pro's Tip

Originally the opening hole at Tiverton, the 10th tee shot looks quite tight but the hole does open out about 200 yards from the tee. Again the main dangers here are trees on both sides, however a tee shot just left of centre is ideal.

Bunkers guard the green on both sides, but there is a fairly wide entrance to this flat green.

Hole 11

Pro's Tip

This hole is a dog-leg left and allows the golfer to be as aggressive or conservative as they want from the tee. Taking the driver can result in a short wedge shot to the green, however if you lose it left or right off the tee you are looking at a bogey or worse.

A tee shot of no more than 200 yards will give you a much larger landing area, minimising the threat posed by the trees on the right of the fairway. A fairly flat putting surface makes a  birdie a real possibility here if you can find the green.

Hole 12

Pro's Tip

Our signature hole! This stunning par 3 opened in 2022. A fairly short hole which plays approximately 10 yards downhill. The 12th offers a great opportunity for a birdie two. However, the target is very small.

The water to the left may draw your eye, but the steep bank on the right is the worst place to hit your tee shot. On this hole on you just need to step up, aim at the centre of the green and commit to the shot. The prevailing wind is into from the left, so I would recommend a low flighted trajectory from the tee.

Hole 13

Pro's Tip

This is a slight dog-leg left with the drive played uphill to a fairway which falls away to the left. From the tee the golfer faces a blind drive with an awkward tree to play over or around. The drive suits a right-to-left shape.

A drive on the fairway or into the left rough will leave the ball above the feet of the right-handed golfer. Beware of the deep greenside bunker.

Hole 14

Pro's Tip

The last par 3 is played steeply downhill towards a two-tier green sloping away from you. Distance control is paramount on the hole. Do not be tempted to land the ball short as shots rarely pitch here and finish on the green.

The wind is often against and from the left on this hole which is not always noticeable on the tee. A good green to find as there are no easy up-and-downs on this hole.

Before you leave the tee look over to the 15th green and check today’s pin position as this may dictate your strategy on the next hole.

Hole 15

Pro's Tip

This is probably the easiest par 4 on the course with the green in reach for long hitters despite the hole playing uphill. Go for the green if you can, however I only recommend this if you can comfortably drive into the greenside bunkers – the worst tee shot leaves a fiddly 20 yard chip over them.

A safe long iron from the tee often leaves a wedge or short iron into the green. This is the better play when the flag is located at the front of the green tucked behind the bunkers. Beware of a large mound in the left-centre of the green.

Hole 16

Pro's Tip

This new par 5 offers a late birdie opportunity, but it must be earned with quality shots. From the tee the fairway cambers slightly left to right. Long hitters may consider going for this green in two, but I would only recommend this strategy with some loft in your hands. The green is small and very well protected with bunkers right and a stream short.

The conservative play for most golfers is to lay up and play an accurate wedge into the green. Hit the middle of the green here and you will never face too long a putt for birdie.

Hole 17

Pro's Tip

This is a shortish hole that dog-legs to the right. Again the fairway is narrow and tree lined, although you can often run a shot onto the green from the left hand trees. Missing the drive right can easily result in a lost ball.

The bunkers at the front of this green catch many approach shots. Take plenty of club and fly your shot onto this green.

Hole 18

Pro's Tip

Our closing hole presents a very tough finish for those with a good round going. A long and accurate tee shot is required here. There is a large tree 50 yards forward of the main tee which can easily catch out golfers with a right-to-left shape on their drives.

The green is quite large, however many golfers will struggle to reach it in two shots. Bogey is not a bad score on this hole – especially if your driver misses the fairway.

Hole 4

Pro's Tip

The first par 3 at Tiverton is a short but demanding hole. An accurate tee shot will always provide a good birdie opportunity, but miss the green and bogey is often your best outcome. The prevailing wind is against the golfer here plus the hole plays slightly uphill so I would strongly suggest an extra club.

When you reach the green take a moment to enjoy the panoramic views of Devonshire countryside.

Hole 2

Pro's Tip

Out of bounds right and trees left make this tee shot quite challenging. The ideal drive is a left-to-right shot starting at the distant fairway bunker. The second shot plays uphill, although the green slopes significantly from back to front so it is best to keep your ball below the flag – especially in the summer months.

Hole 3

Pro's Tip

The severe left to right camber of the fairway is the main defence of the 3rd hole. Although most drives will find the flat landing area, when playing your second or third shots from the sloping fairway a very athletic balanced swing is required. The Grand Western Canal runs alongside the entire right-hand side of this hole and is out of bounds.

The approach shot into the green needs to be accurate to avoid missing the green below the putting surface right, or above the green to the left – neither chip shot is easy! The right side of this green slopes away steeply so read your putts carefully. Although this provides players with a good birdie opportunity, don’t be too disappointed with a par on this hole.

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